Lost Among Europeans

Green fatigue

It goes like this: Someone: I see you drive a Prius, that’s great! Me: Thanks! Someone: You will find that people in Seattle are very concerned with the environment, unlike in other places. Me: I found there was a high degree of environmentalism in New York. Someone: Oh, really?

And sometimes I read stupid things like these:

  • You should never eat meat, and become a vegetarian. Do it for the environment.

  • Bottled water is evil. Filtered tap water tastes great, anyway.

  • The problem is India and China becoming wealthier. We must tutor them.

  • Don’t eat mammals, they have souls. Mollusks are OK, they’re too small to have souls.

The last item comes from Michael Pollan’s famous Omnivore’s Dilemma - yes, really. I like to think I’m pretty green, but I’m getting tired of all the sanctimony I get fed. I will continue to eat red meat. I will continue to eat fish. I tried the water filter, and Seattle tap water still tastes nasty. I don’t know why nobody worries about plants’s souls, or killing plants. And I continue to be surprised that over-population is rarely mentioned as an environmental threat.

Here is a cartoon from the wonderful xkcd that got a laugh out of me: xkcd comic

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